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The Collective Black
People Movement (CBPM)

Moving our People from Individual
Actions/Operations to Collective
Read the CBPM pages for more info...
From the CBPM Administration
Department, December 30th, 2015:

The Collective Black People Movement
(CBPM) Administration Department thanks
all who has visited the CBPM website in
2015. We hope the information that the
CBPM shared at the website was beneficial
to you.

African people in the United States, Africa and the
world is doing so much things with our
skills, talents
and intelligence (education). We are excelling in all
professions from a to z.

With over 1,200 pages of information on African People
doing for self and creating a new way to function
amongst each other in a positive way is what gives the
CBPM life. The CBPM's pages serves as a mirror of
"What our people are Doing" and the CBPM website has
not even scraped the surface of all the things African
people are doing. Our job is to capture what our people
are doing and put it together in a organized manner so
that African People will be able to be a more efficient
people by knowing who to invest our time and money in.

The CBPM is made up of Brothers and Sisters from
different African/Black Organizations, different
Arican/Black Spiritual Associations, different
African/Black Businesses, different families and
individuals representing themselves and their people.

The CBPM's mission to gather, document and organize
the vast amount of skills, talents, and intelligence
(education) of African People for the purpose of
self-help and collective development, is the number one
job of the CBPM Administration Department. African
people's skills, talents, and intelligence has been used
to build Europe, America, and most of the world. Now we
have to put
What our People are Doing together to
make things better for African People.

The CBPM Engineering Department has come up with
an Engineering Solution for our people that will enable
us to surround the 1.8+ Billion African People, who are
doing many things and going in many directions, with a
plan that uses our skills ,talents and intelligence
(education) as an input and the output enables us to
automatically increase our unified numbers and our
efficiency as a people. When you visit the CBPM
website, you are getting a glimpse of one of many
solutions for African People. Everything African people
are doing, that is positive, is part of the solution for our

African people are responsible to solve our own
problems that we face in today's time. No one can do as
good a job for our people as our people can do for
itself. The CBPM Administration Department knows that
individually African people do not have any power and
become victims of the system, but collectively in
numbers, we will be able to manifest the Power in our
People to make things better.

Of course the 1.8+ Billion African People in the world
are more powerful than any rich man's 1.8 Billion
Dollars. Don't let them fool you, the best solution for
African People is always a solution that is collective and
in numbers. Everything in life is a numbers game and in
documented numbers, African People can become
victorious in all the issues and struggles we face.

In every city of the United States and all over the world,
there are great numbers of African people. We are
responsible to establish an Administration for our people
wherever our People are to document and organize our
People. No other People should have more information
on African People than the information African People
Have on ourselves.

If you are African/Black, won't you join us in 2016 in the
gathering documenting and organizing our People's
skills, talents, and intelligence where you are. We have
to have a Collective Black People Movement
Administration Department wherever our people are to
organize us.

None of African people should be out of work. In
organizing and serving our people, their is a lot of work
for us to do. We can organize ourselves intelligently so
we will be able to recirculate the Black Dollar many times
amongst our people. Our spending power in the U.S.
each year is in the trillion of dollars. African People have
been given the biggest business in the world, organizing
African People, with over 1.8 Billion clients.

The CBPM Administration Department thanks all of our
2,094 members for making the CBPM possible. If you
are not a member and you are African/Black, you
in the numbers of our people. Unification of African
People is not going to happen by magic, it has to be
built. African/Black People can build the unification of
our people while at the same time enabling each part of
our Collective Body, each one's works and our
organization's works, to shine for our people.

African/Black People need to join the
Organizations of our choice. There are many for us to
choose from. We all need to step up in 2016 and take
responsibilities in our people's movements. Also all
African People have to be part of the only World
Government every created for African People by the
Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and the Founding
Parent Body,
the UNIA-ACL Global Government.

If you can see the big picture for our people, then join
the CBPM in serving our people to enable our People to
be able to serve you and the things you are doing in
2016. The CBPM Administration Department wishes all
the best in 2016 and we hope that you will continue to
visit the CBPM website for the vital information and to
become part of the solution for our People. What is your
Respond Here.

CBPM Administration Department
Atlanta, Georgia